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Be on the move safer and more transparent.

Welcome to Franz-Peter Vendellogistics company.

We invest in the interest of our customers in: good people, good vehicles, perfect cooling technology and trailblazing telematics. 60 modern vehicles with refrigerated trailers and 90 drivers are in our in our service. Vendel vehicles are equipped with proximity radars. The tractors are renewed every 4 years and meet the standard of Euro-Norms 5.

That's why we have the most reliable, cleanest and safest fleets. Perfect for the punctuality of your shipments. Good for road safety and good for the image of our customers.

Vendel logistics is the specialist for fresh products, valuable and urgent goods as well as for pharmaceutics. Vendeldeliveries are safe, efficient and always transparent. We provide complete data and most of them in real time. We also prepare to be one step aheadin the future.
Nowadays modern logisticsis acomplex service company as well. As a midsize company with flat hierarchies, we are particularly close to our customers.The management knows all the processes firsthand. This personal view was and is a trigger for many improvements, as major innovations and small detail solutions improve us in quality, making us more reliable and transparent.

Learn more about Vendel, the logistics company, which thinks more than just a step ahead. We will be pleased to provide you with more information.

Logistics Franz-Peter Vendel

• Your innovative logistics partner for fresh products, high value goods and pharmaceuticals
• 60 modern cooler trucks equipped with trailblazing telematics and safety technology
• Highly motivated, well-trained drivers and dispatchers
• Maximum transparency. Nearly all data are available in real time.