Our Team

A trained and committed staff - an indispensable asset.

As a service provider, Vendel knows how important good employees are. Therefore, we do a lot to support and motivate our team. Modern technology, software and telematics make our jobs more ergonomic, reduce stress and maximize quality and safety for all.

Drivers, who you can rely on.

90 motivated professional drivers work for Vendel. Theirwork environmentprovides all modern gadgets and numerous safety appliances. For example, all of our newly purchased vehicles are set up with electronic distance radars, Lane Keeping Assistant and many additional security features. Another special feature: External trainers train our employees with our own test drive trucks and in-house training facilities. Our drivers are trained specifically for pharmaceutical, security, food and express deliveries.

Do you also want to join our team and haven’t received any training in this field? Then apply on your own initiative! We will take care of the rest! 

Dispatchers and office staff who plan responsibly and support.

Our dispatchers are multilingual and have a strong commercial and logistics training.Intelligent software supports them in tour- and deployment planning. There is also a well-trained office staff in administration, accounting and in other fields. Vendel’smain office is opened every day around the clock. Customers as well as drivers always have a competent contact person.

Warehouse employees who understand their profession.

Warehouse employees who understand their profession. They are characterized with commitment and carefulness. The staff at central warehouse in Bornheim / Roisdorf knows how perishable food and other goods have to be stored properly.Thus, the quantitative and the qualitative control of goods are an essential part of our quality management.

The management of Vendel.

CEO Franz-Peter Vendel founded the company 30 years ago. His brother Herbert and his son Michael Vendelmanage the fleet with responsibility.
Attorney Peter Cremer mainly takes care of logistic process optimization. He is responsible for the continuous development of computer systems, quality management and controlling. In 2008 Thomas Dohmenjoined as new shareholder. Two priorities of his work are the optimization of training and education for drivers as well as providing support to our major customer EDEKA.